Sick Sad World - Fear and Lies (Vinyl)

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Sick Sad World's debut album Fear and Lies is now available. Record includes a download code in the sleeve. 

Available on:
Orange Lazarus vinyl
 (limited to 200)
Black vinyl
Digital (all major outlets)

Check out below and be sure your preferred format. LPs will include a download code in the sleeve. 


Sick Sad World is a lot of things. It’s coming up next on MTV’s Daria and it’s a more than apt summary of where we as humans have taken things and where we’re going. Most importantly, however, it’s a band in a cartoon universe within the mind of Jake Jones, an Olympia-born and Seattle-residing skateboarder, kickboxer, and smoothie enthusiast who, on his debut LP Fear and Lies, out now through Seattle upstart Help Yourself Records, has knocked out 11 guitar pop gems ready for their inclusion on the classic hits playlists of the future.

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1. Skateboarding Girl
2. Alone All the Time
3. Sweet Glory
4. Keep It Real
5. Orange Lazarus
6. Being Weird
7. Disguise
8. Sick Sad World
9. On the Shore
10. Sick Visuals
11. Stay Gold

Release Date: May 12, 2015

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