Nail Polish - Authentic Living (Cassette)


The second mini-album from Nail Polish is now available. Orders will ship the week of 10/21. Tapes include a download code! 

Nail Polish is a no-wave/post-punk trio from Seattle, Washington. Formed in 2014 by Gems, Aidan Fitzgerald and Sloane Flashman, Nail Polish crafts jagged, jarring songs about anxiety and imposter syndrome, street harassment, and existential dread. They're a blast at parties. 

The members of Nail Polish are active contributors in the art, comix, publishing and music communities in Seattle. The topics addressed in their latest album, Authentic Living, were gathered from a decade of Seattle residence, covering experiences of trying to co-exist within a space that is no longer recognizable. 
Stream the title track "Authentic Living" before you buy: 


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